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Windows 8 applications

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is the top-rated app in the Windows 8 app store in the entertainment category and one of the top 20 apps all-up, with well over 1,000,000 downloads to date.

Candidate Concierge

Candidate Concierge is a tablet-specific app for interview candidates at Microsoft.

The user is given a tablet to use at the beginning of their day to help guide them from one interview to the next, as well as provide some helpful resources about the culture at Microsoft and the Seattle area.

Bing Catalog App

A concept car vehicle to allow merchants to easily create and maintain their own Windows 8 app to showcase their latest featured products and offers.


A Windows 8 app to enhance TV viewing on a companion device, such as a tablet or a Surface. The user could then connect to chosen friends from Facebook to virtually watch the show "together".

These are higher fidelity wireframes created in Visio, which were then compiled into Adode Acrobat for presentation to stakeholders.

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